Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts

Fulfillment of religious needs of local Muslims is the primary mission of ISWM. Its mission also includes presenting Islam and representing the local Muslims to the society et large. It strives to build constructive relationships with non-Muslims in general and other religious (faith) communities in particular.

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Fasting (Ramadan)

Fasting (Ramadan)

Fasting is one of the fundamental elements of Islamic faith. Muslims are told that fasting is prescribed to them as it was prescribed to other or previous nations. Like the compulsory and optional prayers, there is compulsory and optional fasting. Most of the description here is about the compulsory or obligatory fasting in the month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.

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ISWM Next Gen Development

Unite Boys & Girls Youth from the community to participate in obtaining Islamic education & form Islamic friendships in a consistent gathering that provides support & joy in a safe space to create strong leaders for tomorrow.

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ISWM Programs

ISWM Programs

ISWM offers a range of educational and spiritual programs for the benefit of the community. From family-oriented events to targeted Halaqas, we invite members of our community and beyond to join us attaining more knowledge to bolster our Imaan. Full details of programs will be published in near future. Due to Covid restrictions, most of the programs are either on hold or help virtually. As we open up slowly more in-person programs and activities will be added.

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ISWM Services

ISWM Services

ISWM provides religious, social, and funeral services to our community.

Daily congregational prayers to Jumuah and Eid prayers.

Funeral services and other social support services are provided.

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