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Demo The Noble Qur'an in many languages in an easy-to-use interface.AL-QURAN.The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God (Arabic: الله‎, Allah).

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Demo Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things.


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Asalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are happy to announce this years Ramadan Walk on May 5th!!!
Last year we had over 100 people who participated including the Mayor of West Springfield!
The Mayor will be with us again this year – Let’s double our participation!
1. To participate in the Walk please register by clicking the below link
2. There will also be registration booths after Jumah this Friday (4/20) and next Friday (4/27)
(The registration cost is $15/per person which will be given as a donation for charity. You will also receive a free t-shirt)
Please see attached flyer for more information.
JazakaAllah Khairan and Thank You!
– ISWM Board

OPEN MOSQUE DAY 4/8/18 at 4:30 PM

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Come and join Open Mosque Day – Open to public PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS; ENCOURAGE THEM TO COME. WE WILL HAVE FUN!!! Facility tour including the followings:
  • Muslim Arts
  • Cool Educational Videos
  • Hijab Showcase
  • Free Henna
  • Traditional Food
Please contact  for any questions / concerns or if you like to volunteer for this or any other events.

For your reference, below are links to the Open Mosque Day which was launched all across England this past February.


– ISWM Board

3 people killed in apartment building fire in Springfield

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Muslim Family Springfield Fire Tragedy  
It is with great sadness that we inform our community of a tragedy that occurred this Sunday morning to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. A humble and devoted father died along with his 2 young kids in a house fire after saving his wife and daughter.
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون
Another brother is in serious condition with spinal injuries after jumping out of a window with his baby in his arms. The baby and his wife are alive but our brother is hurting and undergoing surgery. There are several other individuals and families also impacted by this tragedy.
Our Imam Wissam, Brother Abdul Qadir (VP of ISWM) and Brother Mohammed Dastigir (President of ISWM) were present on Sunday with the Mayor of Springfield and Town Officials assisting the families and working with local agencies. We will continue to provide support to the families and will announce when the Janazah Prayers will be shortly.
We will be collecting donations after Jumah prayers this Friday for the impacted families. At this time we are not asking for clothes or furniture but may do so in the near future as we assess what the families need. Monetary support is critical at this time for the families. Please do not bring any supplies to the masjid.
Please contact Brother Abdul Qadir with any questions. 
– ISWM Board
Phone: 4132223883


Fulfillment of religious needs of local Muslims is the primary mission of ISWM. Its mission also includes presenting Islam and representing the local Muslims to the society et large. It strives to build constructive relationships with non-Muslims in general and other religious (faith) communities in particular.

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Demo The organization is called the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts, hereafter referred to as “the Society”, or “ISWM.

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Demo The organization is called the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts, hereafter referred to as “the Society”, or “ISWM.”

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